Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make Up Days- Hopefully, the Final Communication!

Hello Everyone-

At least evening's regular board meeting, the board approved adding additional days to the calendar as a result of recent school closures.  The result is that we will have:

full day for students and staff on Friday, June 6th

a full day for students and staff on Monday, June 9th

and a half day for students (full day for teaching staff) on Tuesday, June 10th.

There will also be a letter going home in the coming days as well as an informational phone call.

Please contact me with questions.


Craig G. Broeren
District Administrator
Barron Area School District
715-537-5612 ext. 402

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Facilities Update

I wanted to take an opportunity to publically thank the communities, students, parents, and staff of the Barron Area School District for making my first year here very welcoming and engaging.  I realize that there is still several weeks left to the school year, but I wanted to be certain to communicate the many positive experiences and interactions I have had with all of our district stakeholders, particularly our students.  In addition, I feel that it is necessary to share with you what we have done and what we will continue to do with the referendum dollars our communities approved for us to access beginning last school year.  Between last year and this year we have (or will) accomplish the following:

o   Purchase of 5 new school buses to keep our fleet current
o   Purchase of 2 district cars- one for drivers education and one for district travel
o   Completion of the “off-site” storage facility for our wood chips
o   Purchase of a “chip truck” to haul and dump wood chips from the newly constructed “off-site” facility
o   Concrete and asphalt repair and replacement (ongoing)
o   Roof replacement at the Ridgeland-Dallas Elementary
o   Flooring updates to multiple schools (ongoing)
o   Multiple security updates including video cameras and controlled door access for multiple schools (ongoing)
o   Replacement of multiple doors and windows in multiple schools (ongoing)
o   Fence repair and or replacement at Almena and the High School
o   Completion of the Biology Lab remodel at the High School
o   FCE room remodel at the High School (beginning May 2014)
o   Special Ed room remodel at the High School (beginning in May 2014- paid with Federal “flow-through” dollars)
o   Multiple other miscellaneous updates and repairs to electrical, plumbing, structures, roofs, etc.

Most of the items mentioned above will be accomplished by the end of this fiscal year and will total nearly $1.5 million.  In addition we also intend to begin a fairly aggressive roof replacement plan beginning next year focusing first on the most needed areas (middle school- various locations, high school- gym) and moving on to other areas over the next few years. We will also continue work on many of the “ongoing” items mentioned above in addition to other facility and building needs as they arise.  The facility and finance committee in conjunction with our buildings and grounds department has developed a comprehensive plan for maintenance and updates to all of our facilities over the next several years.

I hope this information is helpful for our taxpayers in making some determinations about what we have done and will do with the referendum dollars we have available to us.  It is also important to note that although the majority of the referendum dollars are going towards facility update and improvements, we also continue to have a need to access some of this money to pay for the continued operations of our schools for programming, personnel, infrastructure and other costs associated with simply running a school.

As always, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Craig G. Broeren
District Administrator
715-537-5612 ext. 402